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Anti-Adenylate Cyclase 10 Antibody

Rabbit polyclonal antibody to Adenylate Cyclase 10 from FabGennix (SAC10-101AP).
Name: Anti-Adenylate Cyclase 10 Antibody
Description: Rabbit polyclonal antibody to Adenylate Cyclase 10
Applications: ELISA, IP, WB
Dilutions: DB: 1:10,000; ELISA: 1:10,000; Immunoprecipitation: 1:150; Western Blot: 1:500
Reactivity: Human, Mouse, Gorilla, Rat
Immunogen: Synthetic peptide taken within amino acid region 200-250 on mouse Adenylate Cyclase type 10 protein.
Host: Rabbit
Clonality: Polyclonal
Conjugate: Unconjugated
Concentration: 0.55-0.75 µg/µl in antibody stabilization buffer
Storage: -20⁰C for long term storage

Function: Catalyzes the formation of the signaling molecule cAMP. May function as sensor that mediates responses to changes in cellular bicarbonate and CO(2) levels (By similarity). Has a critical role in mammalian spermatogenesis by producing the cAMP which regulates cAMP-responsive nuclear factors indispensable for sperm maturation in the epididymis. Induces capacitation, the maturational process that sperm undergo prior to fertilization (PubMed:14976244, PubMed:16054031). Involved in ciliary beat regulation (By similarity).
Tissue Specificity: Expressed in testis.
Sequence Similarities: Belongs to the adenylyl cyclase class-4/guanylyl cyclase family.
Cellular Location: Cell membrane. Cytoplasm > Cytoskeleton. Cytoplasm > Perinuclear region. Nucleus. Cell projection > Cilium. Cytoplasm. Mitochondrion.

Distributed to subcellular compartments containing cAMP targets. Found as a plasma membrane-associated protein, protein concentrated in the perinuclear region and protein colocalized with actin or tubulin.
UniProt: Q8C0T9
Synonyms: 3',5'-cyclic AMP synthetase Antibody
ADCY10 Antibody
Adenylate cyclase 10 (soluble) Antibody
Adenylate cyclase homolog Antibody
AH related protein Antibody
ATP pyrophosphate-lyase Antibody
Germ cell soluble adenylyl cyclase Antibody
HCA2 Antibody
hsAC Antibody
hypercalciuria absorptive Antibody
SAC Antibody
SACI Antibody
Sacy Antibody
Soluble adenylyl cyclase Antibody
Testicular soluble adenylyl cyclase Antibody
testicular soluble adenylyl cyclase (SAC) Antibody
Information: Target information shown above is from the UniProt Consortium.

Anti-Adenylate Cyclase 10 Antibody from FabGennix (SAC10-101AP) - Antibodies.com

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Application: WB
Immunogen: Purified Protein
UniProt: Q8C0T9
Accession No: NP_766617.2
Storage: -20⁰C for long term storage


Description: Rabbit polyclonal antibody to SAC
Application: ELISA, IHC
Host: Rabbit
Reactivity: Human
Immunogen: Rabbit polyclonal SAC antibody was raised against a peptide from near the N terminal residues of human SAC protein.


Please Note: Anti-Adenylate Cyclase 10 Antibody is for research use only. It is not intended for diagnostic of therapeutic use.
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