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Anti-Glucose transporter GLUT5 Antibody (Biotin)

Rabbit polyclonal antibody to Glucose transporter GLUT5 (Biotin) from FabGennix (GLUT5-BIOTIN).
Name: Anti-Glucose transporter GLUT5 Antibody (Biotin)
Description: Rabbit polyclonal antibody to Glucose transporter GLUT5 (Biotin)
Dilutions: DB: 1:4,000; DB: 1:4,000; ELISA: 1:4,000; Immunoprecipitation: 1:200; Immunoprecipitation: 1:200; Western Blot: 1:1,000
Reactivity: Human, Monkey
Host: Rabbit
Clonality: Polyclonal
Conjugate: Biotin
Concentration: 0.7 µg/µl in antibody stabilization buffer
Storage: -20⁰C for long term storage

Function: Functions as a fructose transporter that has only low activity with other monosaccharides (PubMed:8333543). Can mediate the uptake of 2-deoxyglucose, but with low efficiency (PubMed:1695905). Essential for fructose uptake in the small intestine. Plays a role in the regulation of salt uptake and blood pressure in response to dietary fructose. Required for the development of high blood pressure in response to high dietary fructose intake (By similarity).
Tissue Specificity: Detected in skeletal muscle, and in jejunum brush border membrane and basolateral membrane (at protein level) (PubMed:7619085). Expressed in small intestine, and at much lower levels in kidney, skeletal muscle, and adipose tissue.
Sequence Similarities: Belongs to the major facilitator superfamily. Sugar transporter (TC 2.A.1.1) family. Glucose transporter subfamily.
Cellular Location: Apical cell membrane. Cell membrane. Cell membrane > Sarcolemma.

Localized on the apical membrane of jejunum villi, but also on lateral plasma membranes of the villi. Transport to the cell membrane is dependent on RAB11A.
UniProt: P22732

Please Note: Anti-Glucose transporter GLUT5 Antibody (Biotin) is for research use only. It is not intended for diagnostic of therapeutic use.
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