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ABclonal was established in 2006 and specialises in the large-scale production of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against human targets from across the genome. ABclonal offer a range of over 8,000 antibodies, all manufactured in-house, and focuses on producing antibodies for popular research areas such as Neuroscience, Epigenetics, and Apoptosis. Their aim is to produce at least one antibody for every human gene!

Featured Products

Anti-ERK1 Antibody (A0228)

Anti-Bax Antibody (A0207)

Anti-CTLA4 Antibody (A2063)

Anti-β-Actin Antibody - Loading Control (AC004)

Anti-c-Myc Antibody (A0309)


ABclonal - Apoptosis Pathway

ABclonal - Autophagy Brochure

ABclonal - Authophagy Pathway

ABclonal - DNA Damage Repair Pathway

ABclonal - DNA Repair Brochure

ABclonal - Epigenetics Brochure

ABclonal - Hippo Pathway

ABclonal - Hippo Pathway Brochure

ABclonal - NF-κB Pathway

ABclonal - RNA Binding Proteins Brochure

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